An icon for a fictional iPhone cleanup app that removes duplicate contacts and images. The icons for almost every existing app in the space revolve around cleaning imagery such as brushes, buckets, mops, and dusters. Kondo's developers decided that a fresh approach was needed in order to poke their heads above the crowd. It was important to convey sleekness and ease of use whilst communicating a sense of freedom. The icon plays upon the idea of a balloon floating away from imprisonment, almost as if your phone will feel lighter after a good cleanup.
The app is designed to be as minimal and user-friendly as possible. The interface is uncluttered and there's no ambiguity about how it functions. Thus, the typeface needed to reflect this relaxed, but modern approachability. Additionally, the rounded ends of the letters suited the soft corners of the squares in the logo mark.
Blue was chosen to showcase the intelligence of the app whilst conveying the the calm coolness of modern technology. As the balloon symbolises the feeling of freedom, it's colour needed to be robust and full of vigour. Red was deemed too harsh so a dark pink was selected to match the cooler shades of the squares.
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