A brand identity project for FRXNCKO, a Brisbane-based personal trainer. In addition to his in-person training, FRXNCKO is currently expanding his brand online to include digital content focusing on fitness education, motivation, and mindset.
Project Goals
The brand's guiding message is that body and mind must both work in unison in order to achieve sustainable growth. To successfully appeal to his young, fitness-oriented clientele, FRXNCKO needed to foster a trustworthy and inspiring brand image that encouraged them to strive hard for their goals. The aim, therefore, was to create a strong, sleek, and modern visual identity. By carefully balancing strength and simplicity, we eventually arrived at a solution that visually depicts FRXNCKO's core ethos: anything is possible with enough belief and action.
"I've had the pleasure with working with Clouds & Cups Studio on several projects and the service was amazing. I would highly recommend working with Jon. Great with communication, efficient work rate, excellent design concepts and expert guidance."