A brand identity project for FRXNCKO, a Brisbane-based personal trainer. In addition to his in-person training, FRXNCKO is currently expanding his brand online to include digital content focusing on fitness education, motivation, and mindset.
Project Goals
In order to successfully appeal to his young, fitness-oriented clientele, FRXNCKO needed to foster a trustworthy and inspiring brand image that encouraged people to strive hard. The solution was a strong, sleek, and modern visual identity that conveyed the brand's core ethos: anything is possible with enough belief and action.
The brand's guiding mantra is that one's beliefs and actions must both work in unison in order to achieve sustainable growth. The logomark was designed to depict the importance of both mind (belief) and body (action). Emphasis was also given to movement and balance, two fundamental pillars in fitness training. The symbol's movement is derived from the precarious inverted triangular shape whilst the symmetry helps to balance everything out, implying a sense of stability. The end result is a thorough yet minimalist visual representation of FRXNCKO's core values.
Black was used as the primary colour thanks to its strong, trustworthy, and commanding presence. Red serves as the brand's accent colour because of its ability to inspire action and passion. If the blood is pumping, the body and the mind will both benefit.
The wordmark was created using Bison Bold, a sturdy, modern font that balances hard lines and smooth curves. It was chosen for it's strong but unassuming personality. Acumin Condensed Medium serves as a simple and no-frills secondary font.
Digital content is a fundamental pillar in FRXNCKO's marketing strategy. To communicate its importance, it was decided that half of the business card's back side would be dedicated to channeling prospective leads to his online platforms. The red icons serve to quickly draw attention to the right-hand side of the card.
"I've had the pleasure with working with Clouds & Cups Studio on several projects and the service was amazing. I would highly recommend working with Jon. Great with communication, efficient work rate, excellent design concepts and expert guidance."