CC/28 - Pivot

Jon Wheeler

During the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about life priorities and the direction I want to head in. Art has been a close companion of mine since I was very young. I drew relatively consistently through my childhood and school years, briefly deviating here and there, but ultimately retaining the desire to create all throughout. I’ve always known that creativity would play a large role in my life, but what form it would take hasn’t always been clear. I’ve drawn, painted, played music, and written, all in the search for that glove that fits best.

Clouds & Cups was another manifestation of this creative drive. Creating art, blending it with fashion, and using clothing as a vehicle for self-expression really appeals to me. Running a brand, however, consists of so many moving parts. Creating and designing occupies a relatively small space in the grand scheme of things. Whilst I’ve really enjoyed the process of running the brand, I want to devote more time to what I am truly passionate about and that is the art itself. I think in some ways, I was seduced by the idea of operating a brand, and didn’t realise how little time it left to focus on what matters most to me. I thought a clothing brand could have been my path, but after some difficult deliberation, I’ve realised that it’s not.

My primary source of income for the past six months has been freelance illustration and design. Visual art has always come relatively intuitively to me, and freelancing is a very rewarding, practical and realistic way for me to apply my core skill set. I think back to the childhood years I spent drawing and I’m realising that, perhaps, I’m coming full circle. Years of trying different things has slowly led me back to the origin point - illustration. The more I get back into it, the more I remember why I used to love it so much as a child. I feel like the time is right for me to really hone my focus and give it my absolute all.

After much thinking, I’ve decided that running a clothing label has become too cumbersome and time consuming. My desire to create a future based on art has led me to the conclusion that illustration and design is the most fulfilling, efficient and pragmatic route for me. I need to reign in my focus and be very selective with my decision making in order to make this happen. I want to invest as much as I can into my most important passions and strengths in order to get to where I want to go.

Despite the brand ceasing to operate as a clothing label, I’ll continue to freelance for others using the Clouds & Cups name. The name holds a lot of significance to me and I want to continue on with it. You could say, in a sense, that this is more of a pivot than a goodbye. It’s a realignment of focus. I love the process of designing and printing tees, so I might release the occasional shirt here and there, but I won’t be running C&C as a clothing brand as such.

It was very difficult to make this decision. Life is about change and growth, but it doesn’t always come easily. I love Clouds & Cups dearly. Running this label has been a huge part of my life and identity over the past couple of years. I’m really going to miss the process. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things and met some incredible people along the way. It’s fascinating how embarking on these sorts of endeavours can open so many doors that you previously wouldn’t have considered. I’m very grateful for everything and everyone that has come into my life via the brand, and I know it’s not really goodbye. It’s goodbye to the apparel, yes, but not the knowledge, friends, and experiences.

I’m very excited for the new future of Clouds & Cups. Thank you everyone who has shown support in any way, shape, or form over the last two years. It really means more than you know. To know that others shared an interest in a venture so close to my heart is a priceless feeling. I’ll be gradually migrating over to @cloudsandcupsstudio over the coming weeks so If you’re still interested in following C&C’s journey, head on over -  it’d be great to have you along and stay in touch. Closing up shop will be a gradual process. There's a whole lot of loose ends to tie up, so the website will still be up for a while. Keep an eye out though, there may or may not be a big sale on the horizon...

I’ve never pivoted a brand like this before, so it’s all a new learning experience. Regardless, my line is always open for a chat so feel free to drop in any time. Thank you all, and hopefully see you around.


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