CC/18 - Tired Shoulders

Jon Wheeler

 White, black, purple, and orange tshirts

Sometimes, it truly feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders. The burdens of life push down on your tired body, crushing you relentlessly under their weight. When you rise in the morning, it feels as if you are being forced back down by the entirety of the world’s problems. This is life’s cruel way of reminding us all that existence is not an easy task.

When the pressure is applied, recognise the things that ground you. Maintaining a balance between all the foundational elements of good health and well-being will strengthen your resolve. Eat well, sleep well, work well, and play well. Learn to identify the signs your mind and body give you when the scales begin to tip unfavourably. Know what to look for when your body tells you to adjust your course. Forcing yourself to reconcile imbalance can be a difficult task. It takes courage to acknowledge that harmony has been disturbed, and even more to actually resolve these issues. It’s okay, it happens to us all.

Images of Atlas holding the world

It may sometimes feel as if you are the only one shouldering this burden. Rest assured that you are not. The world is a heavy place and it will always be pushing down on us all. However, with your feet planted as firmly on the ground as possible, the burden will not feel so heavy. Balance builds resilience and that is what you need when life tightens the screws.

Sketches of Atlas holding the world

Tired Shoulders capsule was hand-printed entirely in-house using water-based fabric ink. This means the prints are non-toxic, soft to the touch, and extremely durable. We use super-heavyweight 220gsm cotton jersey tees that are designed to age well whilst providing comfort. The collars and cuffs are reinforced with Lycra to survive not only the daily rigours of life, but also years of repeated washings. The result? A truly DIY garment created with quality in mind.

Man wearing an orange tshirt

The Tired Shoulders capsule will be available online on Wednesday 10th July.


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