CC/17 - One Thousand Miles

Jon Wheeler

White Long sleeve tshirt with navy designs

To celebrate our recent crossing of the thousand follower threshold, we decided to create the 'One Thousand Miles' long sleeve tee. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu famously wrote that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, to which we thoroughly agree. Since the dawn of human existence, every great movement, organisation, leader and pioneer started by placing one foot tentatively in front of the other. Every journey seems daunting when you set out from the origin point. Sometimes, you are venturing out into the vast open, other times into the darkest of unknowns. Regardless of the journey ahead, one thing is for certain - they all begin with a single step. Only you can be the one that takes it.

Camels in the desert

Not only does this tee commemorate the important milestone of a thousand followers, but it’s also  Clouds & Cups’ debut in-house print. After spending the last few months learning how to screen print at home, we’re finally ready to release a completely DIY, hand-printed garment out into the world. This garment was born out of a process of trial and error and, ultimately, a lot of frustration. There are so many variables in screen printing that a beginner simply can’t foresee, but they were all overcome in one way or another. The process can be long and arduous but the satisfaction of success overshadows the setbacks by a hundred-fold.

Man on a camel sketches

The prints were pulled using solvent-free, water-based fabric ink. This means they’re non-toxic, soft to the touch, and extremely durable. We chose to print on super-heavyweight long sleeve cotton tees because you need something that will actually keep you warm during winter. Clocking in at a whopping 220gsm, these tees are thick, durable, and comfortable. The tight collars and cuffs are reinforced with Lycra, so not only will they survive years of washing, but they’ll also trap heat close to your body. The final result is a heavy-duty long sleeve that will confidently see you through the coldest days of winter days.

Man wearing white long sleeve tshirt

Thank you for following along on this journey thus far. Your continued support is what drives us forward. Until next time, stay warm, and take that first step.

The ‘One Thousand Miles’ long sleeve tee is online now. Click here to view.


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