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Jon Wheeler

Originally published on Tumblr on October 19, 2018.

Coastal City and Clouds

Clouds & Cups is founded upon the simple idea of balance. When you break it down to the core, wholesome existence is really just a continuous game of finding the middle path between extremes. It’s a value I hold very close to my heart, and it’s something I try to apply in all aspects of my life, whether it be my actions, attitudes, relationships, or general well-being. Balance is beneficial for everyone, and it’s probably the only thing in life you can’t have too much of!

However, like most good things in life, balance doesn’t always come easily. Most of the time, you need to strive hard to achieve it. Changes often need to be made, and this can be uncomfortable. Once you begin to find the middle path between extremes though, life quickly becomes more fulfilling and rewarding. We should strive to be as well-rounded as possible, because that’s what will move us all forward.

The aim of Clouds & Cups is to explore and promote this idea through the design and creation of comfortable, good-looking clothing. Fashion is a very personal means of self-expression in regards to our lifestyle and attitudes. With fashion and lifestyle so strongly intertwined, it seems very fitting (no pun intended) to explore the idea of balance through the creation of streetwear. In the context of our world becoming an increasingly complex and hectic place, the ultimate goal for Clouds & Cups is to become known as a symbol of balance for young people. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been trying hard to incorporate balance into my life, and I hope that Clouds & Cups will be able to inspire others in my generation to do the same.

Be ambitious, be determined, and aim high for the clouds. Just remember along the way to make time for the simple pleasures that bring you true happiness. Gaze endlessly up at the clouds, and the coffee in your cup will go cold. However, stare too long into your cup, and you’ll miss the clouds drifting above.

Find your middle path.


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