CC/01 - Beginnings

Jon Wheeler

Originally published on Tumblr on October 2, 2018.

Open Diary With Laptop

Welcome to the very first post of the Clouds & Cups blog. I’ve never blogged before, so you’re more or less witnessing the beginning of a dubiously planned experiment. I have a vague collection of basic ideas in regards to what I might write about, but as time goes on, a direction of sorts should emerge.

I thought it would be good to have a dedicated space in which to write about Clouds & Cups in a little more detail. It’s a platform for me to document the brand, it’s journey, and my experiences with it all. The content will be a mix of lifestyle writing, the workings of the brand, news, design and art, my thoughts, processes, and experiences. I have some very loose plans to get others in the community involved, but more on this later. We’ll see how it all goes.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is improve my writing and there’s really no better way to do it than to actually write. One of the changes I’m trying to make in my life at the moment is to stop thinking and start doing. I’ve often been held back by the fear of not knowing exactly what I’m doing, but I’ve realised that I’ll never get around to anything if I keep staying this course. In life, you learn by doing and that’s what I’m hoping this blog will embody. In fact, it’s what I hope Clouds & Cups will embody. I need to get over the somewhat irrational notion that you can only try your hand at something if you’re totally competent and prepared. Obviously this doesn’t apply for absolutely everything in life -  I wouldn’t want to exit the plane on my debut solo skydive without taking lessons beforehand. However, the point is, that for many things in life, you learn along the way. To take that first step, just start doing. There’s always plenty of space for growth and that’s never a bad thing.

I’ve never done anything like Clouds & Cups before and I feel quite out of my depths at times. I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely experienced designer or illustrator. I wouldn’t call myself a writer, either. I’m not a marketer, or a salesman, and I have definitely never started a business venture before. All these worries often bubble up to the surface and try to submerge me. We all feel this way sometimes, but you need to throw on your game face and put yourself out there. Back yourself, but always keep an open mind. It often feels uncomfortable, but I think you gradually learn to brush it aside, and just take the plunge. Discomfort means you’re pushing through barriers - the more friction there is, the better. So here’s to trying new things. If you’re reading this, thank you. Stay tuned, it’d be great to have you along for the journey.


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  • Michael on

    A philosopher as well as a fine dude. The very best of luck, Jon.

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