Hello and welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. My name is Jon Wheeler and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Sydney, Australia.
A visual image is the most basic and universal form of communication. In a split second, a picture can describe a thousand words worth of story, meaning, and emotion. My job is to help others visually communicate their ideas in as thought-provoking and interesting a way as possible.
I work on a freelance basis, collaborating with both online and physical businesses - street wear labels, surf and skate brands, cafes, barbershops, print studios, record labels, event companies, and other various lifestyle brands. I also work closely with creatives like musicians, photographers, film makers, and craftspeople, helping them flesh out the visual component of their personal branding.
Perhaps you've got a thousand words you'd like to convey in a second? Don't keep it locked up, let's sum it up in a picture.