"To get the part, you need to dress the part!"
Remember how Grandma used to say that? Turns out she may have been onto something.
Every business has real value to give. Unfortunately though, not everyone manages to get this across succinctly. How do you confidently demonstrate to the right people that your offering is worth its weight in gold?
Through well-crafted visuals and strategy-based branding. Good illustration, branding, and design is governed by two basic principles:
Cartoon hands and top hat
Dress your business to kill, and you’ll transition from being an ordinary commodity to a highly sought-after brand. Seems that Grandma understood this. Perhaps she wasn’t a graphic designer, but she would have made a damn good one.
My goal is to help small businesses grow by elevating their branding. A well-branded, handsomely-dressed enterprise reaps numerous benefits:
Cartoon hands
The bottom line is that it's good for your bottom line.
It all begins with a thorough understanding of who you are, who you serve, what's holding you back, and where you want to go. After that, work starts on crafting you a tailor-made solution from scratch. By way of custom illustration, strategic branding, and thoughtful design (and sometimes a little sorcery), we'll eventually arrive at a most beautiful thing to behold:
A meaningful brand that cuts through the noise and reaches the right people.
Life’s too short to walk around in a scruffy getup, let’s put you in a suit that even Grandma would've been proud of.
Clouds & Cups Studio